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Always wanted to train and know your lap time right away? The MYLAPS TimePoint makes it possible, now. With the MYLAPS TimePoint system you can have your lap times measured automatically and see them on the scoreboard every time. Start whenever you want, 24/7. The only thing you need is a MYLAPS ChampionChip. That's all.

When you register at you can check and analyse your personal training data. But you can do more: you can also compare your training data to those of other runners, wherever they are in the world.

MYLAPS is the world's leading company when it comes to timing marathons. Nearly all big international marathons use MYLAPS ChampionChip. Around the world some 5.000 running events make use of the professional MYLAPS systems. Runners and other endurance athletes of course know MYLAPS from the world famous MYLAPS ChampionChip chip you can tie to your shoelace.

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These are the latest announcements on MYLAPS. For older announcements see the archive.

Voorjaarsactie Timepoint Nieuw Balveren, Nijmegen

Mar 5, 2015

Ruil nu uw oude ChampionChip om voor een ProChip en ren en skeeler hiermee op het vernieuwde TimePoint omgeving op Nieuw Balveren.

Registreren MYLAPS ProChip

Mar 4, 2015

Om uw rondetijden op alle ijsbanen in Nederland te bekijken dient u uw ProChip te registreren via de website

For the athletes

Do you want to use a MYLAPS TimePoint? Then follow the next 3 steps:

  1. Buy a chip
    You can order a chip from your local MYLAPS ChampionChip timer or distributor. You can use this personal chip worldwide with every event that uses the MYLAPS ChampionChip system; from the Sevenhills Run to the marathons of London, Berlin and New York. And if you already have a chip, you can register right away.
  2. Go and train
    There is a TimePoint in the park. As soon as you pass this point, TimePoint reads your chip and the timing starts. If there is a scoreboard present, you can see your starting time immediately. Note however, that you need at least 1 minute in between two TimePoints.
  3. Register and check your data
    In order to check your training data on this website, you have to first register here. Here you can also choose a nickname for your registration.

If you want to know where to find the MYLAPS TimePoint Systems, please go to Sports Areas.


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