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Triavium Skating Rink & Events

Triavium bedrijfsuitje

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Triavium Skating Rink & Events is located on the outskirts of Nijmegen in the district Dukenburg. From the end of September up to and including the beginning of April skating will be possible on the 3 indoor skating rinks. At the Triavium you can find a belt rink, a fun rink and an ice hockey rink. The belt rink amounts to 333 meters and is located on the first floor. Various ice sports can be practiced at the Triavium such as long track speed skating, ice hockey, curling and figure skating. During the remaining months Triavium provides the scenery for all sorts of events like concerts, fairs and sports events.

The TimePoint is positioned in the ice of the belt rink at the Triavium. A scoreboard is placed adjacent the rink after the access to the rink. Here your personal lap time will immediately be displayed after you pass the TimePoint. And this time and time again each and every lap. This way you can compare your lap times and at a later moment in time retrieve them from, compare them with previous laps or with the laps of other skaters. Of course the chip can also be used by training groups and associations.


The permanent 'lap of the belt rink' amounts to 312 meters.

Everyone with a chip obtained at the Triavium can make use of these services during the regular opening hours of the belt rink. You cannot use the standard yellow chip.

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For comments or questions regarding the TimePoint please contact MYLAPS.

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